// travel diaries: universal studios + meeting mckaley and griffin!

Besides staying in Arizona, one of the places we were planning on visiting was Los Angeles. It has always been a dream of mine to go to LA. I was in love with the idea of the place: I loved their beaches, the cafes and the shops. I've never been to Universal Studios so I was excited to be there for the first time. The drive to AZ to CA took us about seven hours, we left the house at about 10 in the morning and arrived at 4 in the afternoon. I loved the weather in California, it was hot during day time and it gets chilly at night (my relatives from AZ were freezing but meanwhile Hanna and I were like "no it's not even cold" ahah). I was also going to meet McKaley for the first time! McKaley and I first met on twitter and bonded over One Direction (don't judge!), we constantly clicked and became best friends over time. She would send me a care package from America to Ireland for my birthday and I'd do the same thing for her too. Distance and time difference did not stop us and we'd talk just about everything under the sun. Sadly we've never hung out because the Atlantic Ocean was keeping us apart but that changed on the 11th of July.  

The second the third pictures are collages of the polaroids we took and they're my faves. I don't know about you, but there's something vintage and old school about polaroids and I love it. We went on so many cool rides (ones recommended by Mckaley and Griffin). Rides such as the Krustyland, the Mummy and Jurassic Falls. We also did the studio tour which had King Kong and Fast and Furious in it. It's a pity the Harry Potter one wasn't done yet, you could see them constructing it though and recognise the familiar look of Hogwarts. I would've loved to see it... But anyway, Mckaley made me try Dippin' Dots (again we didn't have it back home) so I got excited, it's basically ice cream shaped in small little balls and it's honestly the cutest thing ever. They come in different flavours but Hanna got the cookies & cream and I got the chocolate. We all got one and ate whilst walking. We got on the very last studio tour which in my opinion made everything better because it was getting a little bit dark. They took us to the different stages in the park where several renowned tv shows and movies has been filmed and then there were certain parts of the studio tour wherein we had to wear 3D glasses. 

This was my chocolate dippin' dots

That day was such a blast. There was never a dull moment with them, I couldn't have asked better people to spend the day with. So Mckaley and Griffin, if you're reading this, thank you so much and I wish we could all hang soon. It was truly a memorable experience and definitely one of the highlights of our US trip. By the way, catch Mckaley in FOX's upcoming TV series "Scream Queens" by Ryan Murphy this September and make sure you send her nice stuff on twitter. Thanks for reading!

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