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You'd know from my Brandy Melville inspired post that Isha and I absolutely adore Brandy Melville. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase some new clothes from Brandy whilst we were in America. Our original plan was to go to a Brandy Melville store whilst we were in California, but unfortunately we didn't have time to go. Luckily, Pacsun sell Brandy Melville clothes (but not a lot though hmp) I want to give my mom a shoutout for being super duper nice and giving us a money just for Brandy. (love you mom!)

I recently bought a t-shirt dress from Tilly's for my fourth of july outfit. Let me tell you one thing I instantly fell in love with t-shirt dresses. They are super duper comfy and stylish at the same time. So i decided to pick another t-shirt dress. If you don't own one, you honestly need this piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It's a wardrobe staple really. For when you're feeling lazy to dress up but still look hella cute at the same time. 
So the bee decided to join me during my photoshoot. 
I was playing with my uncle's dog before we took this picture. 
The reason why Isha and I bought this top was all because of the backside. I mean it looks like a normal white top at the front but when you look at the backside its like woah. I'm wearing the typical Brandy Melville bralette under the top. 
I decided to pick this up as a remembrance from America. When I tried this on, I immediately said that I'm going to buy it because the fit was on point. It was tight in the boob area but it becomes loose when it comes to the tummy. I've been trying to find this top on the website but I couldn't find it, so sorry people! If you like this top you might just want to look in your local Brandy Melville or Pac Sun stores.
I am squinting because it was really really sunny back in AZ. 
Can we talk about how cute this outfit is? *insert heart eyes emoji* The material of the grey top is absolutely amazing. Its a bit thick so it would be perfect for those cold winters in Ireland. I also decided to finally pick up the "pj shorts" as my mom would say. She convinced me not to buy this when we were in London because it looked flimsy but my cousin, Kyra and I really love this one so I finally got my own one.  
I'm squinting because of the sun 
The last thing we got is this top. Isha has been looking everywhere for a "California Republic" top (She's in love with California Republic lol). So it was perfect when we saw this in Pacsun. Again, this was nowhere to be found in Brandy's website so check your local stores if you liked this top. 

We would love if you comment down below if you too love Brandy Melville or if you own any of the  clothes we recently got. Thanks for reading! :) 

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