// roadtrip to the vast and inarguably beautiful grand canyon

The Grand Canyon can easily be distinguished as Arizona's renowned landmark. Looking at how big the place was, you realise how small you and your worries actually are. It is one of the world's natural wonders and we were blessed to be given a chance to witness it ourselves. We took a couple of pictures, but none of them would even do justice because its beauty in real life wouldn't match. 

Let's talk about the actual trip. My nan wanted to leave the house at 4 in the morning to avoid traffic so we both set our alarms at 3 a.m. (We didn't even leave the house at 5 a.m, but anyway......) It took us three hours to reach our destination. It was really hot that day, around 106 Fahrenheit and the fact that we only had three hours of sleep didn't help. This is what we wore for the day and I kind of regretted it because I wish I wore more suitable clothes like some shorts and some comfy sneakers. 

You couldn't even see my eyes properly because of my glasses smh

We did a tour and we got on this "Red Route Bus" which took us to different points of the park. You could get off to whatever stop you wanted. You didn't even need to rush back to the bus after because it comes every ten minutes. Which meant you have plenty of time to take in the picturesque scenery and take as much as pictures that your hearts desire. I didn't walk near the edges of the cliffs because I wasn't a fan of heights. 

If we came prepared I would've suggested to rent bikes instead as it would give you more one on one time with nature. Now we know and we would definitely not make the same mistake again. I'm going to put more pictures Grand Canyon and I hope you guys enjoy it.

At the last stop of the tour, there was this souvenir shop and  my uncle bought us a dream catcher! I've always wanted one for our room but never really found one back in Ireland that we liked (or that wasn't too expensive) so you could imagine how happy I was.

Despite feeling lightheaded due to feeling too warm, it was the one thing that made me smile. I'm delighted that were given the opportunity to see this marvelous wonder of the world and that I get to tick off one check in my bucket list. I hope you guys get to see this one day and appreciate it as much as I did. Hope everyone's having a lovely summer x


  1. That dream catcher is sooo super fabulous. I totally am going to buy one one day ,or make one?? If that's possible?? hehe. ZOMG BUT THOSE PHOTOS ARE INCREDIBLE. We have little canyons in Australia and we've hiked a few and it was brilliance,...but they're probably little specks in the earth compared to this.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Hi Cait, I appreciate you commenting on my post again :) You definitely have to get/make one day! I've always loved the idea of hiking but get scared of heights easily hahah

  2. I didn't realize you were from Ireland as well! haha :) Your trip looks amazing, I'd love to visit the Grand Canyon for myself someday... and I also have a dreamcatcher x


    1. Yes, I am! We're here for a month, and then we're going to a tropical country called the Philippines. 'Tis a summer filled with travels heheh. Dreamcatchers are the artsy af.

      Thanks for visiting my blog! x