// travel diaries: fourth of july experience

Hanna and I are having so much fun here in Arizona. The abundance of sunshine here is enough to lift up your mood and simply make things so much better. Some of you would probably think "Is she mad? It's too hot there!" but if you live in Ireland where we only get sunshine twice or if maybe mother nature is generous three times a year, you would probably feel the same way. In this blog post, I wanted to share with you the little things we've been doing the past couple of days and you could embark in the fun journey with us.
As the whole world probably knows, it was the "Fourth of July" a few days back and it is one of the biggest holidays celebrated in America. I admire how patriotic the people here can get: they put flags in front of their houses, set up fireworks display in almost every state, etc. I always read about the festivities they have every year and the jokes they make on Twitter. I could just imagine the atmosphere that day and have always wanted to be in America to celebrate it. So you could imagine how happy I was when I found out we'll be in America that time! My family decided to take us to Tempe Beach (which is holding the biggest fireworks display and is the hippest city in AZ tbh). The place was filled with thousands of families and friends and the air was filled with the smell of barbecue and hotdogs. There was also live music, a local band was playing which was nice. Whilst waiting for the fireworks display, we decided to grab a bite (because we haven't had dinner yet and is absolutely starving). Hanna got a burger while Isha on the other hand had her first ever American hotdog. When the live music came to a pause, it was a signal that the display was about to start. The fireworks went on for about an hour. Trying to capture the moment, of course I wouldn't pass on the opportunity to take pictures. Sadly, I didn't bring a tripod with me, the ones I took could've been better but here are some of my favourites

We were so caught up admiring the beautiful fireworks that we forgot to take pictures of ourselves. We did take polaroids, but it turned out really dark because the lovely man who we asked to take it was too far from us. Nonetheless, it was such a good experience and I will treasure this forever. I hope you enjoyed this holiday as much as we did. Thanks for reading! x