// a wrap-up of our holidays in the philippines

It's that time again when we have to write a wrap-up of our holidays. Oh where did that 1 month go. *sighs* We are very lucky that we got to go back to our motherland. Thank you to my mom for making this trip happen. You'd know from our previous blog posts that we've been exploring Iloilo, trying out new food and eating foods that we've missed/ we don't have in Ireland.

After being in Iloilo for 3 weeks, we had to go back to Manila for my Lolo's (grandfather) babang luksa (first death anniversary). The next day after we got back from Iloilo, we went straight to Bulacan where my Lolo is buried. It was a 2 hour drive from Cubao and it was SUPER traffic. That's one of the things I won't miss (lol). But on the way to Bulacan, we made a deal that the first one to go to sleep have to buy everyone a starbucks drink. (There's 7 of us lol) so everyone in the car was trying their best not to fall asleep. We had a mini-reunion with my mom's side of the family. It was so nice to see my Lolos, lolas, uncles and aunts that we only see every couple of years. 

My cousins and I thought it'd be a good idea if we all hung out together. Unfortunately, half of them couldn't go because of college so Isha, Mark, Ate Tina and I went to Eastwood where we tried Project Pie for the very first time. OMG the pizza was so good and really cheap. We got the "White Pizza" (Prosciutto, caramelised onions, parmesan and mozarella), the Classic Cheese Pie and we got Banana Nutella pizza. My favourite was the white pizza and Isha likes all of them. 

After having that scrumptious meal, we decided to go bowling. I don't know if we mentioned in the us holiday wrap up that we went bowling for Aaron's 13th birthday (*waves* hi aaron) and I was terrible at it. All of my shots went to the gutter *hides in embarrassment. I was really shocked because I was leading for the first 5 rounds until Mackie (Mark) got a strike and spare. But at least I was the second.

We also went to Edsa Shangri-La to meet up with my mom's cousins. We ate at this really healthy place called "Green Pastures". It's very rare that there are healthy food places available in the Philippines so we were very happy. 
The highlight of the night was being reunited with my best friend, Isabella. I am so grateful that she went all the way to Edsa Shangri-La just to spend a few hours with me. It's a pity that my other best friends couldn't go because there was a typhoon. 

Our aunt (Hi Tita Bess *waves*) decided to treat us at this ramen called "Ramen Nagi" when we were in UP Town Centre. She said we had to try it because it was the best ramen. I'm a ramen enthusiast but that ramen was probably the best I've ever had. It was so cool, they give you a form where you fill in your preferences on how spicy and rich the broth is. Thank you again to my aunt for treating us. :) 

My mom and I decided to share the "Original King (Bucao)"
Ate Tina and Tita Bess decided to share the "Green King (Midorio)"
Isha got the "Black King (Kuroo)"
On our very last day, we all decided to go for one last hurrah and go bowling together since we're all complete now! We went bowling again and Ate Em Em slayed us all with her skills. In the ranking, she was the first, then Kuya Bullet, Mark, Me, Ice, Isha and Ate Tina. After that really fun time bowling, we decided to go for a treat and get some ice cream. We went to this organic soft serve ice cream place called "Milk Cow". It was a bit pricey but I thought it was worth it. They also sold macarons so I was one very happy gal.

Isha got "Magic Pop" with popcorn flavoured macaron. I got "Cookies & Cream" with a chocolate macaron. 

To everyone mentioned in this post, thank you so much for making our stay very memorable. I hope we all still get to talk with each other a lot despite our busy schedules. Take care of yourselves and Isha and I can't wait to see you all soon. Love you guys! <33 

And to the person reading this post right now, thank you for visiting the blog and I hope you had a fantastic summer like we did. 


  1. Oh man I miss the Philippines so much :'( Hopefully I get to visit very soon. I remember the last time I visited the Philippines, I couldn't hang out with my cousins that much because they were at school. I think when I go back there I'll visit Bulacan too since we have family there from my dad's side.

    1. when was the last time you visited? i know its so annoying how their class schedules isn't the same as western countries..... omg really? thats so cool, another thing we have in common lol we both have relatives in bulacan yay!

      thanks for visiting the blog, leigh x

  2. ahh your summer sounded so much fun! i love reading all about your adventures – especially ones about your heritage because how cool is that?! i haven't been to my "homeland" (shanghai, china) since i was five, so i hope to visit soon. but i was born and raised in america, so it kinda doesn't feel like home :// the philippines sounds like a place i'd really really want to visit someday! xxx xandra @ twirlingpages

    1. i know oh my god! this summer was such a blast and i cannot wait for the next one because i'll be finished with high school *happy dances* and we're planning to go back to america for three months this time. china is such a cool country! im actually considering in doing law & chinese studies where i learn law and mandarin. they'll also send me off to beijing to study for a year which is super exciting because i love traveling.

      thanks for visiting the blog, xan. lots of love xxx