// well deserved junior cert results celebration

Last Wednesday, the 9th of September, we got our Junior Certificate results. (To all our foreign readers out there, click this so you have an idea of what I am talking about lol) It's basically a run through exam for the most important one we'll take in our last year of secondary school which is the sixth year but I'm not getting into too much detail. When I woke up that day, I was trying to distract myself so I wouldnt get nervous about it. I kept myself busy by doing some blog work (which totally worked!)
Thank you to Isha for this really cute surprise. I love it. *heart eyes emoji* I haven't even gotten my results yet and she's already congratulating me. (She's probably psychic and new I would pass lol)

I just started feeling the nerves starting to kick in when I was getting ready to go to school. When I was on the bus on my way to my school, I couldn't stop looking at my watch. It almost felt like I was doing the state exams all over again. My school decided that they were going to give out the results at exactly 12 sharp. No exceptions. We were all waiting at the front hall and every time a teacher passes by, they would always say "Good Luck" or was smiling at us a tiny creepily. It's kind of unfair since our teachers have already seen our results. Every minute felt like 5 minutes (exaggerated but that's what it felt like) I get really bad anxiety when something like this going to happen. I was a wreck but I was pretending that I was okay by smiling at people. 

At ten to twelve, the principal asked all of us to go inside our school's library where he will give each one of us an envelope containing our results. You can literally feel the tension in the air. When the church bell rang, an indication that it was already 12 in the afternoon, our principal decided that it would be nice if we all open the envelopes at the same time. My results was one of the first ones to be given out. Can you imagine how nervous I was? I was already holding my results but I have to wait for almost 25+ people to get theirs. It was low key torture! I felt nauseous when the last person got his envelope. Everyone counted to five then opened the envelopes that would tell us how well we did in the exams. Right before my eyes was a line of Bs and one A and I could not believe it myself that I even dropped my results and gasped. I couldn't be anymore happier.
I was super proud of myself, all my time, effort and dedication really did pay off. I've never been this proud of myself. I was not expecting to get this. Most of you will probably tell me "Hanna, that's only the junior cert, it won't matter" But to me, it's the junior cert and it matters to me now. 

My mom decided to take Isha and I out to dinner. We went and had some cheeky Nandos. 
 Isha ordered the 1/4 Peri Peri chicken with a side of chips and peas. 
 My mom and I decided to share the "Wing platter" with a side of chips. 

If you're reading this and you've done the junior cert as well, congratulations! I'm sure your scores were fabulous. Thank you for reading! 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! the feeling of accomplishment is the best. we don't have that in america, but something similar though probably less nerve-wracking. the sticky notes isha made was adorable and i'm in love with your desk, from the calendar to the eiffel tower to the tog collection. *heart eyes* i've always wanted to try nandos and now i really want to visit europe. i love these posts!

    xxx alexandra @ twirling pages

    1. it's like pre-SATS you take when you're in second year high school in america, only we take it during third year because we have six years of high school instead. i don't get why the us doesnt have any nandos! like you guys have everything. when you visit europe please come visit me!

      xx isha

  2. Congratulations! I love your room decor - best way to celebrate is with a Nandos! Have a great weekend xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. thank you so much for commenting and for visiting the blog , sophie! x

  3. Everytime I visit your blog I get gripped with HUNGER. You girls are terrible for my self control! but that is some fantastic result! CONGRATS <3

    1. thank you so much! im so proud of hanna as well <333 have you ever tried nandos though? i think you guys have it in australia 🙈

      thanks for visiting the blog!

      xx, isha