// first ty trip: lough key

None of you probably knows this but I am currently in 4th year or as they call it here in Ireland, "Transition Year". Transition year, from the name itself is that year where we basically have to "grow up" and become more mature. Everyone in my year gets to go on a lot of school trips, do work experience, have chill classes and basically have a stress free year. I am so excited that I am now a senior and I get to go to a lot of places in Ireland. 

Last Friday, our school decided to take my year to Lough Key Forest and Activity Park in Roscommon. I haven't been to Roscommon so I was really excited. Okay, I was a bit excited that I even did my research on the place the night before (don't judge me lol). The only thing that I didn't like that we had to be in 7 in the morning.

We finally arrived in Roscommon after a long two hour drive. It was absolutely freezing when we got there. The first thing we did when we got there was "Borda Borg". You basically go to different rooms where you have to solve problems based on mental, physical and sometimes both. My group consisted of Jericho, Lalaine, Danielle, Becky and myself. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures when we were doing it. But after doing for about two hours, we were really tired and sweaty. It was good fun. 

Lalaine, Jericho and I after doing the Boda Borg. We didn't give up until we got one stamp. The determination was real. After doing Boda Borg, we went for a stroll around the area.

This was the tunnels leading to the house. They were really dark and very cold. You can also see stalactites on the ceiling and I found it very interesting as it was my first time seeing one for myself. 
They built this very ugly looking tower in replacement of the house that got burnt down. We actually walked up to the very top of the tower (which trust me was a lot of steps). It was 157 steps all in all. I swear my legs were on fire after climbing that stairs. But it was worth it because the view at the top was very fantastic! Very picturesque indeed. You can see the castle and other islands where we were on. 

In the picture below, you could see what the manor looked like before it got burned down. It was obvious that it was worth a lot of money and it's such a pity that they never rebuilt it. 

We got pizza for lunch yay! If you didnt know, I'm a massive pizza enthusiast. It's basically the best thing that has ever been created. Here's a picture and I hope it makes you hungry. 
 The next thing on our agenda: Zip It. I was super duper excited to do this because I've never done this before. "Zip It" is an obstacle course  but you're basically hanging from 15 feet off the ground. I low-key felt like I was Tris from Divergent. It was all about being fearless. I got to do three of them wich where the white, blue and the orange courses. In my opinion, the blue was the hardest one. 
The trip was really memorable. I was able to experience something I've never done before and as well as overcoming my fear of heights, At the beginning of the year, I said that I would try out new things more. There were a few times that day when I wanted to just give up but I'm grateful I didn't. My one advice to you is to say "yes" to new adventures and to get out of your comfort zone every once in awhile. Thank you for reading :) <3

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