// a day well spent with my my best friend + an open letter to reign

Social media is a great way to make friends with like minds and interests. I've been on several social media accounts for years and have made a handful of friends along the way. But it is inevitable to drift away from someone as there could be several possible reasons behind it. You probably know Reign, of reignofbooks on tumblr since she gets mentioned on my blog quite often. She is one of my best friends and one of the longest friends I've been with online. We've been friends for two years (and counting!). Some of you would probably think that she's just an online friend but you're wrong. She has always been there for me, in the good and the bad. She was a person I could always talk to despite the time difference.  So when I was in the Philippines, we took advantage of this opportunity to spend time together. She was actually leaving for the States but decided to book a later flight for me (If this isn't true friendship, I don't know what is!) Here's a recap of all the things we did :) 

So we met up at Gateway Mall in Quezon City where we had lunch with Reign's mom, my mom and my sister. It was so cute because even our moms bonded. They talked about things and even took selfies, you guys! 

Reign's mom is on the left and mine is on the right

Reign's mom was kind enough to give us lifts to places as commuting in the Philippines isn't the most pleasing thing to do. She took Reign, my sister and I to a chain of malls right next to each other called Greenbelt in Makati City, Philippines. During the car ride, Reign and I would talk about a variety of things from books and people on twitter and there were no awkward moments at all. Since Reign and I were bookworms, of course we had to stop at her favourite bookshop which was Fullybooked. We actually spent a good hour in our natural habitat. We were looking at books, giving each other recommendations and stuff. I was planning on buying my book haul for August there but they didn't have most of the books I wanted to get which was a total bummer! 

I ended up getting The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson and Snow like Ashes by Sarah Raasch. Reign on the other hand got The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. 

We walked and walked for hours. Doing window shopping and hunting for cute little bits and pieces we could buy till we got tired. Not to mention hungry so we finally went to Cafe Breton, a french inspired cafe. The pictures of food above were what we got. Hanna and I both got a salad and Reign got a breakfast platter (since Reign is a breakfast enthusiast!). For drinks, both Reign and Hanna got this fancy french frappes (I forgot the french name oops!) and I got the iced green tea which was really good. The interior of the cafe was pretty and the food prices were adequate so we were all smiles. Of course we also had to take selfies there too! 

Can we talk about how adorable we were though?

We also went to Family Mart to get this self serve unlimited Green Tea ice cream that I've always wanted to try. I've always seen relatives or friends go there for ice cream and I was happy I finally got to try it for myself. It was my first time serving ice cream for myself and I was pretty bomb at it actually. I was so proud of myself. 

Of course we also had to take polaroids too. 

So Reign, beh, if you're reading this thank you sooo much for everything. For being there for me and I was going through bad times and when I was feeling down and for being there when I needed someone to bitch and rant about people and stuff with hahah. Thank you for not getting annoyed when I flood you relentlessly with messages on iMessage. For replying and always hearing out everything I had to say. Thank you for recommending me books that causes me so much pain (Well at least I got you whom I could be me with). I could trust you with anything and you know I could be trusted too. One day, we'll both live in the same city, or even next to each other and it's going to be a blast. Take care of yourself in America and I hope you stay kind and amazing. I love you. 


  1. I never understood that whole, "You met online, how could you be friends?" Friendship can be built in many ways. Look how much time you and I talk? This post is awesome, I love it.

    1. when we meet im dedicating a post to you as well! so i better save up for my plane ticket for new york when i go to az 🙈

  2. I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS POST!! meeting an online friend is the ~dream~. although it's happened to me before, i still find it a bit different because my friend and i weren't CONSTANTLY talking online. we just followed each other on instagram and later found out we were going to the same summer program. the ballet world is quite small. you and reign are seriously friendship goals <333 the day sounds splendid and when i got to the phillipines, i HAVE TO go to that ice cream shop. green tea ice cream is my life. it looks so good!! i love this post, isha xxx xandra

    1. that is so cool though, plus both of you do ballet ah :) it's so cheap xan like the ice cream wasn't even a dollar and it's unlimited so *mouth waters* thank you so much for visiting the blog, xan! love you <33