// top ten tuesday: characters i just didn't click with

Top Ten Tuesday is a tag hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. And every Tuesday we get different topics to discuss and this week is all about characters we just didn't click with. Here are mine: 
  1. Rowan (Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas)

I’m not starting any wars here but I honestly dont see what people see in him. People started shipping him with Celaena/Aelin after his appearance in Heir of Fire but if memory serves right, he was such a douchebag. 

2. Mal Oretsev (The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo)

He was tolerable at first but in the second and third books he annoyed me a little bit because I feel like he only liked Alina when she depended on him and she was weak. He got all whiny when she started using her powers…. 

3. Juliette Ferrars(Shatter Me Trilogy by There Mafi)

I used to love this trilogy so much but Juliette annoyed me in Ignite Me. I am not happy with her decisions in that book. 

4. Warner (Shatter Me Trilogy by There Mafi)

Again, I didn't see what people saw in him. He used Juliette many times and then tells her his intentions were good and just wanted her to bring the best in her? He also manipulated Juliette many times which is a no for me, sorry guys!

5. America Singer (The Selection series by Kiera Cass)

Looking back, this series really annoyed me and the only reason why I probably finished it was for Maxon Schreave. America was so undecisive. 

6. Sydney Sage (The Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead)

I had high hopes that I’ll love this series since I loved Vampire Academy but I was wrong. I just couldn't relate Sydney and I have the complete series in hardcovers…

7. Sebastian Morgenstern (The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassie Clare)

I know he went through some serious fucked up events but he downright creeped me out when I was reading the series. He wanted to be with his sister and everything and how he played them, nope. 

8. Augustus Waters (The Fault in our Stars by John Green)

Everyone was swooning over him except me. I mean I’ve encountered better book boyfriends. The hype probably ruined any chance of me getting impressed by him. 

9. Caleb Prior (Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth) 

It annoyed the hell out of me how Tris would do anything to keep him safe and he betrayed her, the only family he got left. 

10. Margo Roth Spiegelman (Papertowns by John Green)

Did some of the characters that made it to my list on your list too? Who are the characters that made it to your list?


  1. I seriously don't like Caleb Prior, he's so annoying dammit XD But I DO love Margo and Augustus <<<333 I love Margo's quirky-ness and though I don't find Gus attractive I think he's adorable XD <3

    1. oh my god same! i wanted to punch him when i was reading the trilogy (okay maybe thats a bit violent lmao)

      thanks for visiting the blog, ella!


  2. I am so sad to hear that you don't like Rowan! I am about to start Heir of Fire and was getting all excited because everyone seems to adore him and I want to see what the hype is about haha. Anyway I must dive back into dark corners where I can't see QoS spoilers XDD

    1. he is literally a douchebag i don't see the appeal in him really....... i am team chaol though! i want to start reading qos but senior year just started and im really trying to focus right now so i have to wait till the weekend.

      thanks for visiting the blog, aentee!

  3. YES FOR NOT LIKING ROWAN! TEAM CHAOL FOREVER! I am so pissed off with this series, and I'll never ever like Rowan's character. He is the one ruined it all!
    I hated Mal too! He was so whiny, and the other love interests were so much better!

    1. i will be a chaol stan till the day i die lol :-))))) it's true though rowan came a long and fucked everything up and it makes me sad and angry. i don't hate Mal as much though. I really hoped Alina ended with Nikolai instead. He was so much better.

      Thanks for visiting the blog, Mishma!

  4. I seriously didn't connect with Juliette or Warner either! I wasn't happy with Juliette's decisions in any of the books haha. So many people love this series but it was just really mediocre and slightly annoying for me!

    1. in my head, shatter me is a standalone hahah! it was better that way then unravel me and ignite me ruined the trilogy lol

      thanks for visiting the blog, jade!

  5. YES to so many of these!! I don't understand Rowan's character at all. He bores me. He's just a big brooding brute. America and Juliette are both so darn frustrating. Mal wasn't too great in my opinion either. I fail to see the appeal.

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. "Just a big brooding brute" this couldn't be more accurate, rach! same with mal, thats why i was surprised that a lot of people actually like him and was happy with how Leigh ended Ruin and Rising

  6. I'm actually starting to like Rowan but I'm not sure about the shipping things yet.

    HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE MAL?! I love him and Alina, at first I wasn't sure about their relationship in Shadow and Bone, and he was kind of an ass in Siege and Storm but I understood him. Either way, I love him.

    I pretty much agree with a lot of the other people on your list though, like Juliette, Caleb, and Warner. Though I understood why people liked Warner but in my mind he's a villain and his "excuses" doesn't justify his behavior.

    1. oh my god i hope you don't start to ship them! ok maybe rowan wouldn't be as annoying to me if there was more to him and his relationship with aelin other than the two of them sexually fanning over each other and was better than chaolaena but no sadly.

      i always felt like mal had his chance in shadow and bone but never took interest in alina? like he just saw her as a friend....