// stacking the shelves: books i got this september

I received more books than I actually bought this month and I am so happy because who would say no to free books? Not this gal. *holds all of them close to my heart*

Thank you so much to Jacq for giving me these stack of books when I went to the Sarah Crossan signing. You're the real mvp, Jacq! Thank you again. 

Here are the titles of the books pictured above:

Thank you so much Katrina of Bloomsbury for sending these beauties my way! She's the best. I've always been iffy about reading The Winner's Curse since my friend despised it, but when I read it I actually really enjoyed it. I found it intriguing and compelling. Now I just need to find time to read all of these. The cover of The Wolf Wilder is super gorgeous, plus it's also signed and dedicated for me! Isn't that wonderful? 

Thank you to Raquel for this copy of Queen of Shadows! I was lucky enough to win her giveaway and now my collection is complete on top of my desk. How gorgeous is that? 

Unpictured books/pre-orders I got this month are Vengeance Road, A Walk on Earth a Stranger and Illuminae because they're still in America waiting to get signed by my favourite Uncle. I also got a second copy of Six of Crows to be signed again because the book is beautiful and I couldn't resist not getting another one to support Leigh. 

Which books did you get this month? Have you pre-ordered any books? Have you read any of the books I mentioned above? I'd like to hear about them on the comments below :) 


  1. Ohhh SO MANY PRETTIES. And your Throne of Glass collection is AMAZING. They look so gorgeous altogether in hardback. *happy sigh* I may not be the biggest fan anymore after QoS, but they're still some of the most EPIC covers eeeeever. OMG OMG!! I love The Winner's Crime! :D I wasn't the biggest fan of the first book, but that second one totally stole my heart. :')

    1. same, cait! queen of shadows made me think differently on the whole series but i agree, we cant deny the fact that the books do have very pretty covers :) oh my god your comment on the winner's crime excites me! i cant wait to read it myself and see what happens <333 thanks for visiting the blog, i really appreciate it!

  2. Getting books is the best. I still need to read The Winner's Curse. Sooo many people have told me that I would love it. I can't wait to see what you think about Fans of the Impossible Life and A Thousand Nights since I'm really curious about those two..and I've been avoiding A Thousand Nights because everything I'm hearing about it but we'll see.

    1. i really enjoyed reading the winner's curse! like i wouldnt say its my favourite but it is very intriguing 🙈 hanna said fans of the impossible life was similar to perks of being a wallflower. i havent read it myself though, but hanna will be posting a review on it :-) i heard a thousand nights was really boring and the characters had no names. most people def'd it i think so im a bit meh on starting it.

      thanks for visiting the blog bb! <333