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This group feature is by The Rose Society group from the Book Blogger Creativity Project created by Nori from ReadWriteLove28. I'll explain to you briefly what #BBCP is all about. Basically a bunch of book bloggers were put into certain groups to come up with our own bookish feature. In our group, we took some of our favourite characters from TV shows or movies and give them a book recommendation. 

Here's my list:

There's no lie, Allison Argent is one of my favourite characters in Teen Wolf (and yes I am still grieving over her death) Quality-wise Allison and Katniss are really alike, they both deeply care about their loved ones and would do anything for them. They're also both badass with a bow and borrow.

Arya Stark is my favourite character from Game of Thrones and the reason why I'll recommend The Young Elites to her is because I feel like she will relate to Adelina. They're both stubborn and have this thirst for revenge because they were wronged. 

The reason why I'm recommending Aria Montgomery the Mara Dyer Trilogy is because the show itself is dark (just like the book). Both girls has something after them/meaning to cause them harm. There was also the time where Aria was fascinated by creepy dolls and there's happen to be one in the book too!

I have long gone stopped watching The Vampire Diaries (because what the fuck happened to the plot, really) but Stefan Salvatore is still my favourite character and will still make me swoon any day. He's this brooding, sexy character in the show that's very to himself which kind of reminds me of Tamlin. They're both trying to be better versions of themselves and both romantic.

And last but not least is Henry from Once Upon A Time. I love fairytale retellings. Henry himself is interested in them and believes in heroes and villains so I feel like he will enjoy the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer because it is another fairytale retelling but with a sci-fi twist and awesome diversity!

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  1. I really love all of your recommendations. I think you matched the characters perfectly to their books! I mean Henry and Cinder? Great choice. Also Allison to The Hunger Games is awesome!

    1. thank you so much my precious cinnamon roll <33 im glad our group post went really well despite the obstacles we've experienced a long the way ahah

      thanks for visiting the blog britt 💖