// au revoir, septembre!

Another month has just finished and I thought I should do a post telling you guys what I have been up to, what I've been obsessed with in terms of tv shows and music, what books we've been reading for the month, etc. I will dedicate this one for me and Hanna will make one for herself as well.

September flew by for me, I felt like I blinked for a second and it was already gone! I'm in my senior year (aka sixth year in Ireland) and I was already smacked in the face with so much work the moment we got back(I know, I know, it has to be done!) and we ought to finish the course as soon as possible and then do revision of everything we've learned for two years(Fantastic, right?) At the end of year we have to sit a series of state examination exams, which is somewhat similar so SATs in America. We have seven subjects and our best six gets counted. Whatever grades we get has equivalent points, you add your best six and it determines if you could go to your college of choice. But okay, enough about the boring stuff.



Not that I have a lot of free time on my hands to binge-watch a lot of TV shows, but I'm so happy "How To Get Away With Murder" is back.  There's only been two episodes aired from Season 2 but things are already intense. I've always aspired to become a lawyer so this show is more appealing to me. If you haven't seen an episode of this show yet, YOU SHOULD. NOW. You won't regret it.


I would like to thank music for keeping me sane in this stress-filled month of school. Thank you, Halsey for having such a soothing angelic voice! I've been listening consequently to her album "Bad Lands" and all of her songs are 10/10. But Castle, Colours, New Americana, Hold Me Down and Drive are my faves. Do you listen to Halsey too? If not wow you're really missing out, listen to her here

And of course, Justin Bieber's new tune "What Do You Mean". Admit it or not we all have our inner "beliebers" inside us. 


The month of October has been filled with signings for Dublin. Thank you so much to Dept 51 for bringing three fabulous authors: Louise O'Neill, Sarah Crossan and Jandy Nelson. We'll be blogging about the events mentioned some time this month, so keep watch! 

How was your September? Are you back in school like I am? What shows have you been watching lately? Which songs are in your playlist? Did you go to any signings? Which books did you read? Let me know in the comments below :) 


  1. nice blog and by the way i like Halsey too. :)

    1. thank you so much! what's your favourite halsey song?

      thanks for visiting the blog! xxx

  2. Ahhh you met Jandy Nelson??? I hope I get to meet her too someday- I'm such a huge fan!! And YAY for reading QoS. Did you love it too? I thought it was freaking amazing.

  3. Halsey has pretty much been my life since her album came out!

  4. Queen of shadows seems to be interesting

  5. Good luck, girls, with your state examination exams and such! It's a pretty interesting system - here in the Philippines, instead of taking ONE test for all, you take the examination tests of all the universities you're interested in entering (which in hindsight sounds like a chore now haha). I took exams of the top 3 universities in the Philippines and managed to pass all of them (which is also a bad idea in hindsight because if you only took three and didn't take the exams of other unis for a Plan B, what then? XD). In any case, I'm thinking of getting into HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER because everyone has been raving about them!

    Faye at The Social Potato

  6. I've been obsessed with Halsey for a bit too haha. Looks like you read some good books this month! Good luck with your school stuff.