// why i've been mia lately + leaving cert sucks

Deciding to co-own a blog with my sister has been a one of the best decisions I've made. Working together may not be always harmonious, it usually includes me nagging at Hanna for not posting enough or to finish reading a certain book quicker. But to be quite honest, I wouldn't want to share this blog with anyone else. Blogging is something I'm very passionate about, a creative outlet for my writing and a way I can communicate to people around the world that has the same interests as me. 

With the six months we've been blogging, I have made many blogger friends, once that I cherish and enjoy talking to. Not even timezone could stop us. They're such a supportive and encouraging bunch of people and it's sad because with me being in sixth year (senior year in Ireland) I haven't had ANY free time to do anything. All I've been doing the past couple of months is study, eat and sleep when what I really want to do is binge-read books and blog about it. Senior year is such a big year in Ireland. By June, people like me in the whole country will take state exams that will determine whether we could go to the university we want or do the course we want. Each grade we get has an equivalent set of points which would be totalled at the end. I despise the Leaving Certificate with a passion. I hate how nowadays, education systems put more importance on grades than actual learning and furthering of one's knowledge. Learning should be fun and enjoyable, prepares you better for jobs. I don't speak for everyone but for me the Leaving Cert has nothing but been a source of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. So there you go, that's the reason why we (I, at least) haven't been blogging that much the past few months and I apologise for it. I'm sorry I'm not able to share new content for everyone who's reading our blog and for not being able to send love to my favourite blogs by commenting on your posts. I wish it would be June already and everything would be over so I can get back to what I love doing most. You'd be seeing more of me then. 

I hope all of you are doing well, that your blogs are doing fantastic and that you've been reading loads of blogs. Wish me luck that I do exceptionally well in my exams so I get in my university choice and be able to do law. Take care and I hope you guys won't forget about me for the time being. All the love. 


  1. How could I ever forget about you! :o YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! And lordy that Leaving Cert sounds horrible O_O Like. Really really unbelievably stressful. Don't you dare worry about us! WE'LL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU! You just destroy that Leaving Cert and show 'em who's boss :P

  2. miss you guys so much. still so grateful to have found your blog last year. i totally get what you mean about school. like i'm only in junior year but still SO OVERWHELMED and i see these bloggers in university, juggling jobs too and they're blogging like 3+ times a week and i'm like HOW DO YOU DO IT. and i think the flaw in most education systems today is that there is less emphasis on learning just for the sake of it which bugs me too! i like learning but there is so much PRESSURE and STRESS when it's like a do or die situation where you have to get above x and there's no other option. and i also don't think it's a very flexible or understanding system either for those who are slower to catch on / have trouble in pressured situations? and like obviously it's not very beneficial either because you look at a country like finland who basically is the opposite of tests, tests, tests and places more emphasis on learning for personal enjoyment and they get really great scores worldwide in all fields so obviously it's beneficial when you have students who aren't so stressed about standardized tests and breeding learning for just the pure enjoyment of learning rather than to go to university and get a good job otherwise you're a failure! ok anyway sorry that is me just airing out my annoyances, probably bc i am also really stressed out currently.

    anyway good luck on your exams!!! sending you so many good vibessss. love you bunches! and ps i could never forget about you <3

  3. Wishing you the best of luck! I know what it's like to be in senior year, preparing for the exams that will either get you into university or not. I went through that in November 2016, and it was very mentally stressful! So I wish you all the best and hope that it doesn't overwhelm you. We will all be waiting patiently for your return and hope you come back brimming with happiness that you achieved all you needed to go into law. That's exciting!