// ootd: denim skirt

I've been debating for a few months whether to purchase a denim skirt. I was so worried that denim skirts wouldn't suit me or that I have nothing to wear it with. It's funny because before I made a purchase, I really did a lot of research on how to style it and what it goes it with, etc. Denim skirts are definitely a timeless piece. I think I remember seeing Rachel from Friends wear it once. Finally I gave in and finally got one from Stradivarius. 

Photos: Isha Camilon
Top- Bershka
Skirt- Stradivarius
Tights:- Dunnes Store
Boots- New Look

Let me know in the comments below how you style your denim skirt and if you have one? Thank you so much for reading! :) <3


  1. The denim skirt really suits you! I've also been thinking about getting a denim skirt because of Rachel from Friends! Denim skirts are really useful and is worth the money since it's a staple and you can wear it with a lot of other clothes. I might get myself one soon! :)

    1. yes! it's definitely a must have! thank you so much for visiting our blog! :)