// event recap;; jandy nelson signing + giveaway

I am so happy to have gotten to meet and take pictures with one of my favourite authors, Jandy Nelson. If you guys didn't know who Jandy Nelson is, you're definitely missing out! She's the writer of one of my all time favourite books, I'll Give You the Sun. It was on the 27th of September (I know, ages ago) and to make things ever sweeter, we got to catch up with one of our dear friends, Aisling.
The book signing started with a Q&A with Jandy. She is honestly the most jolly and happy person I've ever met. Then she told us where she got the idea for the book, her writing process and even told us she was superstitious like Jude. She even showed pictures to show us  her ideas. I loved it. She's unlike any others I met. If you've read I'll Give You the Sun (which you should have by now), that Jude is an Art student who is doing a sculpture. Jandy told us that she herself took a sculpting class for it and that she wasnt really good at it, but at least she had fun! She's currently working on a project that is due to be out next year and she's currently taking baking classes at the moment for it. She even proudly show us a picture of her souffle! I love how she get involved in the process of her writing. 
But f you haven't read I'll Give You the Sun yet, you could get it or order it from the links below. It is such a beautiful and heart-wrenching book filled with so much love and everyone should give it a read.

But you can also join our giveaway if you haven't read I'll Give You the Sun, as we are giving away a signed copy of the book and an I'll Give You the Sun t-shirt! Thanks for reading! :) <3

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  1. I'm so glad that you had a great time at this event! I'll Give You The Sun is so great. I defintely want to read more books from Jandy in the future =)

  2. I'm so interested of reading but could not find the link. So can you hwlp send me the link? Thanks

  3. I love IWGYTS because it has amazing story of first love, family and loss.