// scrumptious food we've been eating in the philippines

Prior to our "food glorious, food" post, I thought we should pick up where we left and share with you guys what food we've been trying and having the past few weeks. And again I apologise in advance if it does make you hungry in the middle of the night whilst reading this post. 

So the photos below are from weeks ago, but I forgot to add it on so I'm featuring here instead. This is one of the famous eateries in Iloilo City called "Roberto's". It's been practically there for years, even the time my great grandmother was still alive. My mom would tell us a story that whenever Lola Mama (Our great grandma) would go out to do errands, she would always come back with loads of   Queen's siopao (dimsum) for them to eat. 

       From left to right it's my favourite Aunt, Hanna and my mom. 

 This is what we had for lunch and these are the "Queen siopao". Other than that they also decided to get some meatballs and some spring roll. 

Roberto's Queen Siopao is not your traditional dimsum. It's filling consisted of some pork adobo, bacon, spanish sausage and some boiled egg slices. It may sound icky but I promise you it's so good. These siopao are exclusive as well because the only place you can get them in the Philippines is in Iloilo.
Being in the place where mom spent sixteen years of her life, she took this advantage to meet with her best friend at "Avana Filipino Bistro". The place was quite new and offered a variety of authentic Filipino dishes. The thing about Filipino food is that it is full of flavour and unlike any other cuisine in the world. You may find something quite similar but never quite the same. We don't really get to eat a lot of Filipino food in Dublin because I don't cook it as much so we plan on taking advantage of having them here. Here are the dishes we've ordered:

We got some cheeky mojitos for drinks. This wouldn't be my first choice of cocktail but there weren't a lot available so we just went with these. 

This is the Filipino Adobo Flakes. I'm actually wondering why it's so orange, it's quite unusual. It was still delicious though.

This was Sizzling Tilapia Sisig. I prefer this better than the counterpart, Pork Sisig.

The meat used for Crispy Tadyang is the beef's hip. It is then marinated then deep fried. 

This was Sinigang na Lapu-Lapu. The soup is a broth with a tamarind flavour and it had different veggies which I liked. 


Baked Oyster with Cheese  


We also went to this dessert place called "Nothing but Desserts". They were all in single serving which was cute. The portions were perfect, not too small, not too big. 

There were four us so we got four each. Hanna got the Tiramisu in the middle, my mom got the Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake for my uncle, the Cream Puff at the very right for me and some macarons to share. In all honesty, I wasn't impressed by their cream puff. I've tasted better cream puffs than their one. It was too hard for me to eat. Their tiramisu was also disappointing according to Hanna. Both the cheesecakes were fairly okay but the macarons were terrible! They were not authentic french macarons. They were too hard and too crumbly. I mean I can even bake better ones than these *sighs*. But oh well, at least they were quite photogenic right? 

We also had our favourite boba after a year! This boba is the bomb but it sucks how it's only available in Asian countries so my dreams of having them in Ireland will never come true. Our favourite is Gong Cha Wintermelon Tea or the House Special. My mom and Hanna loves getting pudding but I on the other hand love the boba. 

Do you like dimsums? Have you ever tried Filipino food? What are your favourites? Are you a dessert person like me? Do you love boba too? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Looks so good, I think I need to go to the filipino market now.

    1. oh you have to! then tell me what you make <333

  2. this all looks SO GOOD. i don't think i've ever tried ~real~ filipino food, so i clearly need to change that soon. it's a shame those macrons were terrible, but they looked kinda hard aha. and I LOVE BOBA AS WELL. <33 i'm lucky to live in an area with great tea houses that serve boba/pudding/other stuff. there's one that has boba noodles and it is so so so good. i need to visit the philippines! this is making me hungry. xxx alexandra @ twirlingpages

    1. living with a filipino, i've learned how to cook some filipino dishes so if we meet i'll definitely make you authentic dishes <333 they were hard as hell! i was so disappointed i got like one for every flavour available in the shop smh. boba noodles omg??? i've never had boba noodles. sounds good though so please do take me there.

      thanks for visiting the blog, alex! xx