// get to know us through the bookish tag

So I was scrolling through tumblr and I saw Reign do this "bookish tag" and I figured that it could be a way for you to get to know Hanna and I through these bookish questions. Both of us are avid readers so we were both up for this! Let's begin :) 

1. Buying books online or in a shop? 

Isha: I love, love, love going to bookshops. I always go straight to the YA section and see what their new releases are. But living in Ireland, they don't sell a lot of hardcovers so I just tend to buy online and get the book I want in hardcovers. Also, I find US covers really pretty and prefer to get the US one instead of the UK cover. 

Hanna: I would say both. I'm the one who goes with Isha to bookshops. (I'm kinda stuck with her lol) I like going to bookshops because I love the smell of books (am I the only one? haha) but sometimes the bookshops don't have a lot to offer so we end up buying the books we want to read online. 

2. Most recent book purchase?

Isha: My most recent book purchase would be the Addicted series on my Kindle. It's AMAZING AND IT'S MY NEW OBSESSION. I haven't gone on an August book haul yet sadly.

Hanna: To be honest, I don't really buy books because my mom and Isha are the ones who buy them. Lucky me, I don't have to spend a dime on books because I have my Mom and Isha for that. I just read what they read. 

3. Least favourite book that you own?

Isha: Ignite Me lmao. I was spoiled with the ending and wasn't bothered reading it. Honestly, I just bought it because I love Tahereh Mafi so much and wanted to support her. 

Hanna: That's a tough question to be honest. I probably have to check my goodreads for that. I don't think I have a "least favourite book", I love them all equally even if they cause me emotional pain. 

4. Books that are at the top of your to-buy list? 

Isha: Hmm, signed Addicted Series! The twin authors are the cutest ever and I want to get the complete series plus spin off. And maybe Harry Potter series in their new hardcovers since I still haven't read it yet and sadly don't own them yet. *hides away in shame*

Hanna: I would say Addicted Series as well. I am currently reading Addicted For Now. 

5. Do you listen to music when you read?

Isha: Never. I like peace and quiet and really focus on the book I'm reading. 

Hanna: I personally want to focus on one thing. If I listen to music when I read, I would probably just end up singing along to the song. I feel like I would also end up scanning through the book and don't understand what I'm reading. 

6. What is the quickest that you have ever read a book? 

Isha: Less than half a day if I really get into it. 

Hanna: Same as Isha. If I really like a book, I would try my best to finish it as quickly as possible. 

7. Do you ever read in the car/bus?

Isha: No, I get dizzy because my surrounding are moving! Plus I'm never on the car/bus really long anyway and I hate being interrupted. 

Hanna: Yes, I do if I really like the book or if I'm behind my reading schedule. 

8. Do any of your family members read too?

Isha: YES! I actually loved reading because of my mom. She literally reads all the time and even stays up all night reading (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?) 

Hanna: Yes haha. Well Isha and I have the same family but now that I'm thinking about it, most of our family (both mother and father side) like reading A LOT. 

9. Favourite fandom? 

Isha: Ever since I became a blogger, I'm not really into ""fandoms"". Being in one just causes so much drama. Especially if there's a love triangle.... and then there's fandom to fandom wars. I just don't have the time for that. 

Hanna: I don't think I have a favourite fandom. I didn't even know that there's book fandoms till now lol. 

Isha: What the hell, Hanna? Do you live under a rock??

10. If you could delete the memory of one book so you could read it again, what would it be? 

Isha: The Wrath and the Dawn! or the Infernal Devices. 

Hanna: OMG. Same as Isha. Is that weird? Reading The Wrath and the Dawn was too painful that I even cried out of frustration. (I was really into it, I'm sorry).

Isha: Stop copying my answers please hahah

11. Are you a re-reader?

Isha: I wish I could! There is just so much books I want to read and I wish I had all the time in the world. Maybe someday.... 

Hanna: Sometimes I do but sometimes I can't put myself through the emotional pain that I've been through whilst reading a certain book. But I have definitely reread some books. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading our answers and hopefully you got to know us both better! :) You could answer the same questions and leave them on the comments below as I would love to read them and get to know YOU better. Thanks for reading <33 


  1. I LOVE going to bookshops, so you'll love NYC because there are so many cute ones. I'm going to have to check out the Addicted series because I haven't heard of it until you mentioned it to me! My least favorite book is also Ignite Me (which is crazy!) because it got spoiled for me, and once I found out what happens, I didn't want to read it anymore. If I could pick one book to re-read, I'd also pick The Wrath and the Dawn! xD Awesome post <3

    1. one day i'll go to ny and you have to be my personal tour guide <333 im crossing my fingers real hard that you love it because it's my baby 😭 i haven't actually asked you yet but who do you like more in shatter me trilogy?? adam or warner 🙈 the wrath and the dawn means so much to me ah

    2. I'd be more than happy to be your personal tour guide =)

      I love Adam which is why I couldn't read Ignite Me because of how his character gets destroyed in a nonsensical way.

      The Wrath and The Dawn is perfection.

  2. I guess I have to get the Addicted series since you both love it! I think one of the books are free right now on Kindle. I can't listen to music either while reading because I get so distracted, but I can read in the car or any other moving vehicle.

    1. yes it is free! you should get it now eh :) so jealous of you at least you can read in the car! Thanks for stopping by on our blog x

  3. I have the first book to The Addicted Series! I haven't heard too much about it, so I decided to put it on the back burner since it was free on amazon. I'm so glad to finally see some readers who love it! Now all I have to do is sit my butt down and get to it. I really wish there were more bookstores closer to my house. The closest one to me is 35-40 mins away and that's Books-A-Million, which I don't really like. (well this one atleast) I order majority of my books from amazon since I have Prime! Girl amazon is my one-stop shop!

    1. oh my god yes! it's so so good you won't regret it. i wish amazon did prime on ireland too, they only do it in the uk which is such a bummer ugh.

      thanks for visiting on my blog!