// updates with isha & hanna plus another mini-haul oops

It's funny how you could have family but have only seen them once in your life because they moved to a different country. This is what happened to us and our cousins from Arizona. Kyra, who's as old as Hanna (She was featured in our last post) and her brother, Aaron, who's 12. Here's a picture of us three when were little. Aren't we just so precious?

A few days ago, we finally met after like a million years! We hung out in Chandler Fashion Mall and did some window shopping. We ate at IN-N-OUT, which we've been dying to go to since we always see pictures of their food on instagram and other social media sites. Everyone who worked at IN-N-OUT was so happy and jolly which I loved! We also got served by this cute guy, which just made the experience a hundred times better                                     

We had our Chipotle for the very first time too! To those who doesn't know Chipotle is a mexican grill. Hanna & I both got a burrito bowl. We both got a small drink and was surprised on how big their "small" was, which would be our large drink back home. Americans really loves their drinks, don't they? One of their employees asked us if it was our first time here (Do we really look like tourists?) and they gave us free tortilla chips and guacamole which was bomb! Obviously it tasted better because it was free. Why can't we have Chipotle in Ireland?

My uncle (who has a perf instagram feed) also treated us to the most popular gelato shop in Arizona called "Frost Gelato Shoppe". If you ever find yourself in Arizona, you can find them at San Tan Mall. It was nice because their ingredients are organic and sourced locally. They also make them in their shop. The owner was the one who assisted us and she asked us if it was our first time. She wanted us to taste every single flavour before deciding! Isn't that so nice? The picture below is what Isha got and this was the Lotus Cookie gelato. Hanna got a Sea Salt Caramel (which was the best-seller) but sadly she forgot to take a picture before devouring it.

Did we mention how crazy the sales in America are? It's honestly so hard to save money here. One thing I love is how an item is already on sale and put another sale onto it (if that makes sense?). We've only been here for like a few days when we got all of this stuff we'll post here.

We got both of these sunnies for $15 in Pac Sun. Such a great bargain to be honest.

This fab tribal print crop top was from a shop called "Papaya" and it was for $13

All the clothes feartured in the photo above are from Aeropostale. Everything was on sale when we went so you could imagine our excitement when we went in in. The black piece of clothing is a romper which was $20. We loved this bralet's detail (it has this Brandy Melville vibe) so of course we got it. It was for $20. A white shirt is a wardrobe staple so we got an oversized one for $5.

Let me tell you a secret. We're obsessed with candles and we're gutted we don't have Bath & Body Works back home. We were delighted when we saw that they, were also on sale. We got this delicious smelling scented candle called "Vanilla Bean Marshmallow" but sadly they only have one left in this scent. This was $7. I also couldn't resist this perfume in the scent "Sheer Cotton & Lemonade", it smelled so fresh which I love. Plus it was only $4! 

I hope everyone is having an amazing so far. Let me know what you guys have been up to and if there has been good bargains at your local mall at the comments below :) 


  1. how was in-n-out? we don't have in-n-out in canada which makes me sad bc everyone i know on the west just talks about how good it is. also haha yes being served by a cute guy always makes things better. i had a cute server when i was at subway a few weeks ago and it made the sometimes boring act of ordering a sub that much more exciting.

    also mmm chipotle is amazing. i always get the burrito and jam pack it with everything possible. and for someone who usually gets full really quickly somehow i can ALWAYS scarf down their monster burritos.

    i am loving those sunglasses from pacsun! i need new sunglasses so i might go to pacsun to check them out. i really like the ones on the left, they're so cute!

    bath & body works is also really fantastic. i love scented candles as well even though i've never bought one just because i'm really bad at using them. i prefer to get lotions or body sprays from bath & body works. i really like the cashmere glow & japanese cherry blossom lines and also their aromatherapy collection! the orange ginger lotion is a one that i come back to time and time again.

    1. Hi Annie! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting :)

      If you find yourself in the U.S. you definitely need to try in-n-out okay? It was our first time there and being served by that cute guy just made the experience more memorable aha.

      Monster burritos? Wow. I love burritos but they always tend to fall when I eat it so I just got a burrito bowl hahahah.

      Everything in pac sun makes me hearteyes emoji but they could be quite pricey *sighs*

      I love Bath & Body works! I get so sad because we don't have it back home. Have you seen the mini hand sanitizers? They're so cute!

      Hopefully you visit the blog again. Ily x

    2. Oh man, I know the struggle of collapsing burritos all too well. But after going to Chipotle so many times, I pride myself a little on being able to eat a burrito and keep myself decently clean.

      And yes I have seen the mini hand sanitizers! I'm definitely thinking of getting some before school starts just because they always come in handy and also because they smell so fun!

    3. Maybe if I go there enough I could master the art of eating a burrito too heh 🙈