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hey everyone, im patricia camilon and i'm the older sister. pretty much everyone calls me isha (pronounced as ee-sha) im eighteen-years-old and has huge dreams of becoming a lawyer when i'm older
i love photography, books, baking and binge-watching a huge amount of tv shows

im hanna camilon and im the younger sister. i recently just turned sixteen-years-old. i'm a massive fan of fashion and makeup and probably the more girly one between us two. it's been a dream of mine to express my way and side of fashion and im hoping you find some inspiration through my fashion posts.

both sisters are currently residing in sunny (sarcastically laughs!) dublin, ireland

we started our blog on june 2015 and we're not even gonna pretend we're experts at this. this is the first time we'll both start writing something that doesn't have to be graded by our english teacher but we both always wanted to share our thoughts and what we love with other people. 

our reviews on books (mostly YA!) and several other things will be a more laid-back and expressive one rather than the more ""serious"" ones you'll usually find on the morning papers

this blog basically gives each and every one of you a glimpse of our life, what we're currently raving about like books, fashion and recipes. we thought it would be interesting to see our different ways of thinking and our different opinions.

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  1. Hi there! I've nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award - congratulations! https://shihtzubookreviews.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/blogger-recognition-award-yay-me/